Presently, online hotel booking sites cater to the general traveler with little emphasis on providing accessibility information. Hotels often provide little in the way of accessibility information and focus more on their signature amenities. Access Travel’s goal is to help people with disabilities travel easier. Our accessibility information is initially provided by a major hotel booking site, then we combine it with information gathered from post-travel surveys and other sources. The goal is to collect more accurate and reliable data for travelers with disabilities through our new site AbiliTrek.com.

AbiliTrek will provide travelers with disabilities a place to search and select hotels based on their specific disability needs stored in their user profile. The best results are presented, along with other collected information.

AbiliTrek’s social community will allow travelers to share their travel experiences with others; connecting persons with similar needs.  When travelers complete the after-travel survey, the information is verified and added to AbiliTrek’s databases, providing a more accurate collection of hotel accessibility information. This ultimately helps travelers find the best accessible accommodations.

We plan to open the AbiliTrek.com site in early 2017.